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luxury bali hotel

Incentive Travel & Luxury Event Hotel Opening Soon in BALI

Incentive travel is a great way to motivate employees, whether they need an extra push to hit sales targets, a ‘well done’ for outstanding work or just a little bonding time with new team members, there is literally a whole … Continue reading →

whisky cocktail

Whisky Sour Day – creative cocktails at your next event

It may seem like there is a special ‘day’ or ‘week’ dedicated to almost everything at the moment. Some (e.g. Radio Commercials Day ) may be rather odd but many serve as a nice little reminder of our favourite treats, like yesterday which was … Continue reading →

Brussels hotel breakfast

National Waffle Day, check into Hotel Bloom! in Brussels …

Today is National Waffle Day in the USA (it’s the date the US waffle iron was patented) so we decided there was no better time to introduce you to one of our favourite Brussels event locations: Hotel BLOOM! Hotel BLOOM! … Continue reading →

Private hire boat in London

Corporate Away Day in London

When gathering important delegates from different international locations it can seem difficult to please everyone, which is why we were enlisted to work with a VIP team of corporate executives this week. Bringing high level executives from the company’s international HQs … Continue reading →