How to organise a corporate Christmas party like a pro.

Are you full of festive spirit but fearing having to plan the office party this year? Here are some handy tips on how to plan a corporate Christmas party.

When it comes to organising a company Christmas party, especially in London, there is no such thing as too early. You may not want to be thinking about streamers and wine this early, but this could be a great time to book a bargain event and ensure the best date for your event in London too.

Nights that are mid-week will be economical (as will late November and even January if you can get away with having it after Christmas), but don’t forget you have work the next day.

It can also be a good idea to send a few date choices around the office and gather comments on everybody’s preference. You can’t please everyone, but it will give you an idea of those attending, which can impact your venue choice.

Even if you don’t have details such as the venue, theme etc. pinned down, it is good to get a date in people’s diaries as early as possible, so save the date, keep it safe, and spread the word.

Whether extravagant or scrimping you need to have a budget in place before you look at anything else for your big Christmas event in London, and there’s is nothing more demotivating than finding the textbook event venue and then getting the elbow from your company’s finances.

Once you have an idea of budget, consider what is most important to your guests. If they’re party animals and love a few cocktails then assign a larger part of your budget to the bar. This could mean picking a cheaper venue but amazing them with cool liquor will be a winner and will keep the team happy all evening.

Try and leave some budget aside for ‘unexpected costs’ too, last minute changes can be tricky if you’ve already splurged the whole lot!

Nowadays a company’s Christmas event can take many shapes, so keep in mind that this is a ‘thank you’ to your co-workers so think about what they would like at their own party.

  • Site – Is it close to the office? Are there good transport links if not?
  • Figures – Can they bring a plus one? Is there room?
  • Time – A daytime event or evening party? Perhaps both if you join the party onto the end of a company meeting as you have everyone already there.
  • Party style – A custom built party or package deal? A bespoke party means a lot more work, but with a much bigger payout. Although finding a venue and booking all the other party elements can be left to a London event organiser such as us if your budget allows and you have too many guests. This will allow you to create something designed exactly for your London Company however.

A package bought from a venue can be a bit easier as they probably provide all the elements, however it is probable they will run their own theme for the entire Christmas period so you don’t have any choice on theme.

A full package bought from an event organiser such as us (no bias!) is the best of both worlds, the organiser will bring together all of the tailored elements for you and bundle it up into one invoice.

London events company: why to choose us?

Learn why we are one of the best London events company

Effective Event Solutions is a first-rate events company in London with over 19 years of experience at management level in the event management, hospitality, conference and incentive agency industry. During this time we have built up a philosophy of designing specific programmes to fit individual client requirements, in terms of budget, content and type of events most suitable, to satisfy a wide range of different objectives. This approach has resulted in our London events company providing many successful exibitions for clients both large and small. Our expertise lies both with knowledge built up over the past nineteen years and the individual suppliers with whom we work.

Resources and manpower for your project

One of the directors from our event agency in London will personally supervise the project with the back-up of one or more members of the sales support/operations team on a day-to-day basis. In terms of resource and manpower for implementing the event project, we work with professionals in their varying fields who can provide a creative and cost effective solution to each element of the London event. For example Audio Visual, Lighting, Special effects, Sound, Theming and Decoration, Choreography for cabaret/dancers, tent organisation, food and beverage co-ordination, accommodation, staging and set design, post conference entertainment and full support facilities. The amount of time spent on a project of this nature to ensure an effective memorable event is considerable. The benefit of using an events company such as us, is above all, to free up your time to concentrate on other areas relating to the event rather than the time consuming organisational aspects which we can solely focus on.


Our flexibility in the kitchen provides a wide range of tastes to tickle the palate, sourcing the best ingredients from across the globe whether it be a luxury barbecue, a sumptuous dinner feast, traditional black tie tasting menu or a picnic in the woods for the kids. Our range of chefs would be delighted to cater for any specific tastes you might have, and during the planning process we often offer to prepare a tasting to assist in deciding on your final menu. Integral to the success of the party are the carefully selected personnel and professionalism of our experienced staff, from chefs, silver service waiting and flair bar staff through to cloakroom and security.

Do you need effective corporate events management?

At Effective Event Solutions we aim to deliver excellence in all we do, continually striving to be the best events company in London and the UK.

The key factors for successful High Wycombe event companies.

The event companies in High Wycombe secrets for a great event.

Fun and stimulation is the key to charming guests when it comes to large scale corporate events in High Wycombe and London. Here at Effective Event Solutions we’ll ensure your key ideas are built in to the intention of the event at just the correct level to make the most of the influence it’ll have on your team and clients. Events that support your key corporate points have more drive for both you and your guests.

As event companies go, you’ll discover that we’re full of ideas and creativeness for your next big event in High Wycombe. Whether our ideas, your ideas, or a combination of the two, we’ll utilise the unmatched expertise of our design studio and workshop to generate these ideas in to a reality and produce your dream big event. It’s up to you how hands on you want to be. Either way we always appreciate your input, and it’s all welcome, no matter how creative you think you are.

We love what we do and go all out, putting our full effort and character into your big corporate event in High Wycombe. We feel that anything is conceivable nowadays, and we work to turn an event idea into an engaging and captivating encounter for your lucky clients. This will thus enable your teams and any more prospective clients to network together outside of the office environment, which is very important, while also building strong relationships which will go back into the office and nurture a more fruitful relationship.

Our creative methodology and experience of delivery for large corporate companies’ events makes us the expert firm in our line of work. Desirable associations with the best venues and clients, incredible hard working crew and remarkable contractors enable us to propose and provide inspirational experiences for your industry and sector. We are your one-stop-shop for providing reliable record-keeping, engaging activities, delicious catering (the most important part you might say), excellent site management, brilliant finishing touches, and finally every last element that you ask us to implement and organise to make your day that extra bit special. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

It’s not just about your invitees, it’s also about you as well.

Our goal, both for you and for us as an event company, is to make the pre-event design, the preparation process, the post event summary and the reportage as stress free and streamlined for you as humanly possible. The whole thing, from the event brand design, to the event teaser, invite and online registering drive through to compiling your post-event report which demonstrates the return on your venture and how your aims were met. We’ll do all the hard work and only present you with things for you to choose along the entire way, so you stay in control whilst being able to spend time on your other work associated duties.

Can a ‘glocalisation’ model work for a London event agency?

What is ‘glocalisation’ model and how a London event agency can use it.

Event agencies expanding abroad have emphasised that a ‘glocalisation’ model, working locally but upholding brand values, is vital to success.

Event agencies in London developing their business on a global stage have emphasised the ‘glocalisation’ model as the most relevant to the business. The significance of functioning locally while sustaining brand values is becoming documented as one of the best ways to heighten business on a now global playing field.

When you’re working with clienteles with a global spend and workplaces in diverse markets, having native agency information is not up for debate, it’s been well documented by now. In order to bring service that touches the expectancies of clients, you need to have specialists in those nations. That involves knowledge on the newest venues and the latest updates on hotels and or accommodation. Consumers are more likely to appreciate having that local touch and expertise.

The trial for an agency is to include their essential brand ideas with local commerce. Success has always been witnessed by working together with in-country specialists, then using the best habits within the group to ensure streamlined methods, driven efficiency and reduced costs on behalf of the customer. Always take the best methods from a global standpoint and apply them locally.

Certain sectors need more of this so called ‘glocalisation’ than others. The pharmaceutical trade is a good example where there will be many diverse guidelines in diverse parts of the world.

Glocalised policies are vital for success as event brands engage with key market onlookers away from London. The way they go to market in Spain and Turkey is obviously different from London, or even the rest of the UK. These audience variances have a huge influence on business events.

Having delivered events for over 19 years to a wide portfolio of clients across a range of industry sectors we work in close partnership with our clients to offer an event service that sets new standards for an event agency, in London, the UK, and overseas.

At Effective Event Solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to understand you, your business and your objectives. This, coupled with our unique personal approach to event management, has won us many loyal clients over the years.

We never forget that we are in the service industry, and we think it is this close attention to detail that is most important to make any event a success. Combine this with a constant desire to exceed our clients’ objectives through teamwork and a great event is assured.