Alternative Christmas Parties in London

Looking for different way to celebrate the festive season this year? 2014 is the Year of the Bus for London Transport, but it’s much easier to see the city by bicycle

Wrap up warm and take the Tally Ho Ho Ho Christmas tour of the capital! A single group is usually around 12 cyclists but we can have multiple guides to take a group of up to 40.

Your group will take a merry winter’s ride around London against the backdrop of glittering Christmas lights and festive decorations adorning many of the buildings and shop fronts you pass. The tour guide(s) will lead you around some classic sights as well as the best of London’s seasonal happenings.

Wrap up warm and swap the traditional office ‘do’ for an alternative view of the capital as the sun goes down and everything lights up for Christmas!

The tour guide(s) will stop frequently to tell you quirky historical tales, insider tips and also to take a pit-stop at Hyde Park’s famous Winter Wonderland (grab a mulled wine while you’re at it!). After visiting the Christmas markets your tour will head on through the back streets of the West End and soak up the vibes of fashionable Carnaby Street and the alternative character of Soho.

If you’d like more ideas for alternative christmas parties in London then please contact the team on