Cool Branded Merchandise for Travel

Whether it’s a company giveaway, a thank you gift or a useful item for your staff, there are a huge range of brand-able items these days which can help re-enforce your company image or ethos.

With the recent announcement that all passengers flying into or out of the UK are advised to ensure electronic devices are sufficiently charged to be switched on, what better giveaway or branded gift than a portable charger!

Whatever your company colours or brand style we can find the perfect branded merchandise for you!

Here are a couple of our most popular chargers:

Stone Powerbank – 2200mAh with minimum order of 25 pieces these start around £15 each (printed one colour, one position)

Organic shape, stone look and feel with leather tag. Original and robust powerbank. High-end quality gadget to charge most smartphones. Nice branding options.

PEBBLE™ Smartstick – 2200mAh also with a minimum order of 25 pieces these start around £18 each (printed one colour), the bigger order the better the price though – scaling up to an order of 50 pieces already sees it drop to around £14 a piece.

Available in 4 super sleek and stylish colours (Black, Silver, Pink, Purple)

PEBBLE™ Smartstick emergency portable battery pack charger for most mobile devices. Charge your portable device on the move without the need for mains power. Small and light enough to carry around in your bag, the PEBBLE™ Smartstick portable emergency charger will provide your mobile device with up to one additional charge, charging most popular devices including; Apple 30pin, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and devices that use mini or micro USB.

The USB port on the PEBBLE™ Smartstick also allows you to charge your mobile device with the supplied manufacture’s cable. *Compatible with iPhone 5 when used with the Apple supplied lightning charging cable*

Contact us today for more branded merchandise ideas to suit your company and your event!