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Here at Effective Event Solutions we know exactly why we’re poles apart from our competition. It’s not only for the creative affiliations we build or the substantial industry insight our team retain. Nor is it the investments or tactical outcomes we empower. Our single most significant directive is to reach further. It’s a stirringly straight-forward method, yet we apply it to each new client.

Scheming and handling tailored corporate events necessitates both imagination and expertise. We guarantee new ideas, a flexible approach and service which is well-organized and reliable. Our guarantee to produce the goods stems from an understanding of what it takes to keep spectators engrossed for any length of time you deem necessary, making certain your message endures the test of time. Our know-how means we budget accordingly and efficiently, plan precisely and leave nought to chance.

Just as crucial to delivering thorough end-to-end corporate event management solutions, we offer an extensive range of expert support event facilities too. Effective Event Solutions offers an extra, set of expert services that have been established to cater for the corporate event management persons who are seeking precise, expert solutions for their event management requirements.

Having delivered events for over 19 years to a wide portfolio of clients across a range of industry sectors we work in close partnership with our clients to offer a service that sets new standards in event management.

At Effective Event Solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to understand you, your business and your objectives. This, coupled with our unique personal approach to event management, has won us many loyal clients over the years.

We never forget that we are in the service industry, and we think it is this close attention to detail that is most important to make any event a success. Combine this with a constant desire to exceed our clients’ objectives through teamwork and a great event is assured.