Exhibition stand design and build – how to make yours stand out

Simple shell schemes are great for your first trade shows and exhibitions: minimal cost, while you test out the consumer response to your company and/or brand. But once you know what and where you should be exhibiting it’s time to think bigger …

Brand it BIG

The first thing people see should tell them instantly who you are and what you do. If your logo isn’t wildly creative and exciting then think of a tag line that sums up your business or why you are better than your competition. And print it BIG! Shell scheme stands tend to have standard font company names making every company look the same, make yours bigger and better so it catches the eye of everyone walking past.

Visual Merchandising

A term more often applied to retail, visual merchandising is just as important at exhibitions and trade shows, whether your selling bricks or houses you need to put your best products in the lime light.

If you’re selling services or non-tangible products like holidays (we all understand you can’t bring Barbados to Earls Court) then it’s about making an impact in other ways. The hard part is often getting people on to your stand – catering and comfy seating are an easy way to appeal to consumers; a light bite canapé or a big plush sofa are a big temptation for the weary exhibition goer – once they’re in it’s up to your sales team to keep them there!

If you have physical products to sell then they need to be displayed well, something out of the ordinary e.g. hanging from the ceiling, will attract attention or create a bespoke display stand out of relevant materials or in the shape of something associated with your business … stuck for ideas? Contact our creative team for a FREE proposal suited to your products.

Leave a lasting impression

How many exhibitions have you left with a bag full to the brim of leaflets and business cards? And how many of those pieces of flimsy paper have you kept? Exactly.

Branded merchandise is a brilliant way to leave a good impression, we’re not talking about sticky message bugs though, there are a whole host of brand-able items that will have much more impact. If it’s not as obvious as golf course giving away golf ball shaped lip balms, then think about your brand message and the associations you can make with that.

Or better still, have something people really want. We all have logo mouse mats, so put next years calendar on yours and make it useful! Genuinely our most popular client giveaway is a world plug adapter – something business travelers will use almost daily meaning they see your company message daily too!

Need a little help giving your exhibition stands the wow factor? Effective Event Solutions can provide full exhibition stand design and build services, along with logistics, branded merchandise and staffing if required. Have a look at this case study from the Taste of London show.