Skype – Munich Conference


Creative conference venue in Munich, Germany

Tasked with finding an inspiring venue alongside strong global flight links, we took the Senior Leadership team to Munich, Germany.

Holding the main conference days in a stunning disused factory, gave presenters a fantastic opportunity to inspire their audience within a relaxed and free environment. Shunning the standard (uncomfortable) conference chairs, we sourced sofas, giant bean bags and cushions to encourage open communication between all employee levels.

Utilising the German traditions on Munich’s doorstep, we introduced the international teams to some true Bavarian thigh-slapping fun in the traditional beer cellars on the first evening.

We took a change of pace with the second evening on the city’s imported summer beach overlooking the Danube, complete with on-brand cocktails and fire performer. Followed by the last evening at a the hi-tech La Baracca Italian restaurant where we privatised half the establishment ordering from electronic tablets within the tables.

Building evening experiences into the week’s schedule of meetings encourages a fully accessible approach between all levels off attending staff and the open nature of discussions builds on the productivity of the meeting content.