The Apprentice: Away Day episode

Last night this year’s motley crew of Apprentice candidates were called to Guildhall in the City of London (which on a separate note is a stunning event venue!), where they were tasked with creating an ‘Away Day’ for prestigious corporate clients.

They had a healthy budget of £5,000.00 so we were avidly watching out for what new and innovative ideas the teams might come up with …

‘Back to School’ and ‘Army Boot Camp’ (after much discussion about how Majestic Medieval could be tweaked into a business concept) were settled on as themes.

… so far, so uninspiring …

As event planners ourselves this was serious cringe-worthy television, with key business objectives thrown out the window in favour of wine tasting – on a ‘school’ day?!

Thwarted by the Great British weather, one team hadn’t even got an indoor back-up plan to rescue themselves (and don’t get me started on the sumo suits).

Personally we’d say their biggest fault was focusing on profit over customer satisfaction, resulting in both corporate clients requesting a hefty refund.

I won’t spoil the ending (watch it here) but needless to say the boardroom squabbling is back at it’s best.

For an Away Day that’s less like a hastily put together childrens party, get in touch with our team on and we’ll tailor a corporate team building session that really caters to your objectives and motivates your staff.