Event Catering – How does colour affect taste?

Our team can cater to a huge range of tastes, whether it’s a classic 3-course dinner or an out-of-this-world cocktail menu. A recent Diffords Guide article got us talking about the colour of food and beverages at events though:

We know presentation is an important factor in event catering, it can tell the story or theme of the night or simply be designed to tempt and tantalize. Scent, sound and even touch can enhance a dining or drinking experience but colour is probably the most obvious feature.

As Jane Ryan reflects, our brains may often have a preconception of a certain colour as a particular flavour – notably you may expect an orange coloured cocktail to have a citrus taste, equally a green vegetable may appear to taste fresher than a less bright counterpart with exactly the same flavour.

She also notes that blue glassware can assist bartenders with fooling guests or experimenting with flavours; a trick which our creative mixology team have definitely used before!

If you’re looking for something with a touch of the weird and wonderful or just want to add a subtle twist to catering for your event, contact us today to discuss how we can innovate your next menu with colour and taste!