Team building cookery classes for real foodies

Teambuilding cookery classes are seemingly everywhere right now. Your Team Manager might be a culinary novice if you know your way around the kitchen then a ‘how to …’ class could be a total bore.

Catching up with our friends at Hotel Okura in Amsterdam recently, we discovered they have added a new ‘Wagyu Beef’ class to their enticing list of restaurant workshops:

Team building cookery classes: Wagyu Beef

Hotel Okura serves Japanese, Australian, New Zealand and American Wagyu in many forms, all of their carefully created dishes are designed to highlight this incredible meat.

The Masterclass will teach you and your team all about Wagyu; how to prepare the different grades and cuts of the meat, it’s different origins plus what other ingredients and flavours to pair it with.

Chef de Cuisine Louise O’Hare will discuss the theory and offer a practical demonstration, after which you will prepare your own Wagyu beef in the style of Okura’s restaurants. As a team you can then enjoy the different dishes at Taste of Okura’s dining tables.

Team building cookery classes: Sushi

Okura’s sushi chefs will teach you how to cook rice correctly, how to slice fish, and finally how to prepare sushi. Then you can sit down as a group and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a little Japanese Sake to wash it all down! You will also be given recipes to take home and keep practicing your new sushi skills.

Team building cookery classes: Michelin standard

Okura’s two Michelin star restaurant Ciel Bleu will welcome your team to learn fine dining skills with their own chefs. Using the same top quality ingredients and techniques as used in the restaurant’s own menu, you will create a Michelin star worthy three-course meal. The workshop lasts 3.5 – 4 hours including time to sit down and enjoy the stunning meal you have created. Recipes are also available for you to take home.

Team building cookery classes: Teppanyaki

Hotel Okura also houses a renowned Teppanyaki Restaurant; Sazanka, where the chefs will let your group in on the secrets of the teppan; the Japanese griddle. The teppanyaki chefs reveal how you can make a teppanyaki meal at home, even without a griddle or teppan plate. The dinner comprises four courses and the workshop will last 3.5 hours in total, with all recipes provided for you to take home.

These workshops are available for corporate groups of 10-18 people, if you have a larger group then drop us a line on the email below and we’ll suggest some other great Team building classes for you.

If that’s whetted your appetite and you’re interested in booking these classes for your next teambuilding day and/or holding an event in Amsterdam drop up an email at

If you’re in Amsterdam and fancy joining a public masterclass then click here for upcoming dates.